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Carole Jordan

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Professor Dame Carole Jordan, DBE

Awards: 2005 Royal Astronomical Society Gold Medal


Dame Carole's PhD studies under C. W. Allen included crucial identification of iron and other lines in the solar spectrum, early ionisation-balance calculations, development of density-diagnostic methods using the iron lines, calculation of relative element abundances and modelling from emission-measure distributions. She published a paper on problems in coronal research in 1965.
Research associate, Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1966.
Assistant Lecturer, Department of Astronomy, UCL, attached to the Spectroscopy Division of UKAEA Culham Laboratory, 1966–69
(During this time, she completed her ionisation-balance calculations and the identification of some forbidden lines and satellite lines. In 1969, she started to devise methods to obtain the structure of the Solar transition region).
Astrophysics Research Unit, Culham Laboratory:
- Post-doctoral research assistant, 1969–71
- Senior Scientific Officer, 1971–73
- Principal Scientific Officer, 1973–76
Wolfson Tutorial Fellow in Natural Science, Somerville College, Oxford, 1976 - present
University of Oxford: reader in physics, 1994–96, professor of physics 1996-, head of the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, 2003–2008
She has published papers on astrophysical plasma spectroscopy and structure and energy balance in cool star coronae.

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