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Caroline Mohamed

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Dr Caroline Mohamed

Awards: 2007 Winner Science & Technology Women of the Future Award


Caroline has consistently contributed to the competitive advantage and success of Rolls Royce by developing key technologies for low-exhaust emissions and improved fuel efficiency.

Caroline has no problem being a role model in a male-dominated industry. She said: "It is still a predominantly male environment but it is improving and I have noticed that in the last 10 years, the mix is getting better. We even have some senior female directors, which is good."

Dr Mohamed has worked for the aero-engine giant since 1997.

Dr Mohamed plays a leading role in helping develop more efficient and environmentally friendlier engines and has said that the reason for her success was a love of her job, which gives her "a buzz". Dr Mohamed added: "Every time I get on a plane, I wonder if it's one of mine."

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