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Christine Davies

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Professor Christine Davies, OBE

Awards: Royal Society Rosalind Franklin Award, 2005; Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award, 2012


Christine is head of the Particle Physics Theory (PPT) group in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Glasgow. She has been in Glasgow since 1986 having previously worked in Cambridge University, CERN, Cornell University, The Ohio State University and the University of California at Santa Barbara.

As part of her award, she gave a public lecture at the Royal Society entitled The quandary of the quark.

Her research is focussed on the phenomoenology of the strong force, and in particular the solution of the theory, QCD, using a numerical method known as lattice QCD. More details are available from the research link on the left.

She is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Edinburgh. In 2005 she was awarded the Rosalind Franklin prize by the Royal Society and in 2006 an OBE in the Queen's 80th birthday Honours list. She also won the Institute of Physics High Energy Particle Physics group prize in 2006. She currently holds a Royal Society Leverhulme Trust senior research fellowship.
She chairs the Diversity committee for the Institute of Physics and sit on IOP Council and the Athena Forum. She is a member of the Science and Technology Facilities Council particle physics grants panel (theory). During 2008 she sat on the review panel for the RCUK review of physics, aka the Wakeham Committe.

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