Womens Engineering Society: Inspiring women as engineers, scientists and technical leaders

Individual Membership

Individual Membership

If you are not already a member, we urge you to consider joining WES and supporting our work to encourage more gender diversity in engineering. WES needs members to survive, and your support will ensure we make it to our 100th year in 2019.

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How much does it cost to be a member of WES?

£52.00 Full/Associate membership
£26.00 Full/Associate membership with concession for retired or non-working member 
£10.00 Student / Apprentice membership
£85.00 WES Fellowship (FWES)
£42.00 WES Fellowship (FWES) with concession for retired or non-working Fellow
£0 Teacher Affiliate

WES Corporate Memberships - further information here

Full details of all membership grades are available here. After 1 October these rates drop by 50%, and renewal will be due in April. From 1 January membership will include 15 months for the price of 12.

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We are a network of women engineers, scientists and technologists pursuing a vision of a better world. WES members work together to empower women to achieve their potential as scientists, engineers and leaders.

Inspiring others to enter the field by celebrating women's successes.

Innovating and sharing good practice, building on our diverse experience to solve the challenges society faces.

Impacting we want to see more women in technical leadership positions shaping the high tech 21st century. We do this by:

  • Speaking out as a voice for women, and for the causes we care deeply about
  • Sharing our excitement about developing and delivering technologies that benefit society, the environment and the knowledge economy
  • Networking-connecting women studying training and working in engineering, technology and the sciences through regional clusters, circles and student groups and at conference

We believe that women are good for the understanding, development and application of technology and that woman can benefit from good career paths and rewards.

Who Can Join?

Anyone who works in science or technology (including IT) or works within a technical industry or organisation and wants to see more women being innovative and creative and addressing society's problems with technology is eligible to apply. WES welcomes men who support our aims as associate members.

We are proud of the diversity of our membership. No-one is excluded or disadvantaged by not having the "right" qualifications or background. Representatives of organisations interested in becoming corporate members should see the further information here or contact the WES office directly.

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