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International & INWES

International & INWES

International members

WES is based in the United Kingdom but has many international links. Our members include many UK nationals working overseas, and many foreign nationals working in the UK. Foreign nationals who do not expect to come and work in the UK may join WES if they wish, but we encourage them to also join a local network, or even to start their own.

INWES (International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists)

WES is a founder member of the INWES series of conferences. We contribute ideas, expertise and helpers on the ground to all International Conferences of Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES), and have a place on the Board of Directors. Regional conferences are held every year, with the major international ICWES conferences happening every 3 years:

  • ICWES16 took place in Los Angeles, California USA from 20th - 25th October 2014
  • ICWES15 took place in Adelaide, Australia in July 2011
  • ICWES14 took place in Lille, France in July 2008

All WES members can take part in INWES activities. Do look out for future planned INWES conferences such as ICWES 17 in Delhi, 2017 and a regional conference planned in 2019 in Scotland.

The last regional conferenc was held in Germany in November 2016, and at this conference the INWES Europe regional network was launched. This was the culmination of the excellent and hard work of several, including WES trustees Roseni Dearden and Milada Williams. Another WES trustee, Dr Sarah Peers, was appointed on the board of the newly constituted INWES Europe to lead communications. If anyone would like to know more about INWES Europe, please contact Sarah Peers on comms@wes.org.uk. 

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