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Leanne Deeming

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Leanne Deeming

Awards: 2007 Welsh Woman of the Year - Science and Technology; IET Sir Eric Mensforth Award winner 2010


Lianne is Director of Process Development at Corus Strip Products, which involves providing strategic direction, development and management of all technical processes. She has over 20 years experience in the steel industry, working in three different Corus businesses, mainly in manufacturing, engineering, and technical roles.  An Engineer by background, with degrees in mechanical engineering, and metallurgy from Sheffield University, in addition to an MBA from Warwick University, which she achieved whilst working in 2000.

In 2007, Lianne was voted Welsh Woman of the Year - Science and Technology.

In the role she currently is in, her main areas of focus are the development of a South Wales steel strategy, which includes energy and environment, including carbon abatement, research on waste re-cycling, access to raw materials, business systems/IT, and the development of technologists/engineers of the future, in conjunction with local colleges and universities.

Lianne says the steel industry has changed incredibly since she first started working in it in 1989, going from national industry to a private one, and she’s had to change accordingly.

Looking to the future she wants to see more women enter (and stay in) the industry – in terms of her recruitment, of 25 new graduates, 40% are women. Away from the work place, Lianne is always looking for new and interesting opportunities. She’s a member of Spice (Special Pursuits, Interests, Communication and Events) and has tried everything from watercolour painting to fire-eating and kayaking. They might not sound like things that would benefit her career but she says such diverse opportunities help her see things in a different way, which can only be good for her job.

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