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Legal Status

Legal Status

Name & Registered Office:

Women's Engineering Society
Michael Faraday House
Six Hills Way

WES is a company limited by guarantee not having share capital, registered under the Companies Act: Company No. 00162096; Date of Incorporation: 24/12/1919;

WES is a charity: Registered Number 1008913; Registration Date: 27 Feb 1992


WES has a Council of Management, which meets four times per year. The Council is formed of Trustees and Ordinary Council members.  Trustees are Directors of WES as a Company and Trustees of WES as a Charity. Council comprises about fifteen elected members, all of whom are volunteers, and are, or have recently been, employed in engineering-related occupations, many at senior levels. Council also provides the executive, since all the Society's Officers form the executive sub-committee of the Council. This group meets between meetings of the full Council in order to take interim decisions and actions.

Council is democratically elected by its members according to its Articles of Association. It is chaired by the President who holds office for one year, and is normally succeeded by the Senior Vice President (who is in turn normally succeeded by one of the two Junior Vice Presidents). Other Officers are the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer. These posts are all subject to election, although they are not often contested.

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