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Maggie Aderin Pocock

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Dr Maggie Aderin


Born in the UK to Nigerian parents, Maggie Aderin has worked as a scientist since 1997. She has managed multimillion pound projects and multidisciplinary teams to develop bespoke instrumentation, ranging from hand held mine detectors to satellite detection systems to help understand climate change.

Maggie’s company Science Innovation Limited has a primary goal of public engagement; sharing her enthusiasm for science to persuade children, especially girls and those from ethnic minorities, that they can have fulfilling careers in science. Through her “Tour of the Universe” talks she has given thousands of young people a taste of space through a journey from our planet through the solar system, out to the Milky Way and beyond. She makes regular appearances on News programs and documentaries often doing live demos to describe the scientific principles. An outstanding role model Maggie has shown that ethnicity, gender or a humble start in life need not be barriers to setting and achieving high goals in SET.

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