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Persuading your employer to allow you go to WES conference

Persuading your employer to allow you go to WES conference

Persuade your boss!

WES conference will benefit not only you, but your company. We have compiled some ideas to help you gain the support of your boss. Your boss can invest in you and support you with:

  • Paid time off work
  • Travel
  • Registration fees in full or in part

 And we’ve designed the conference to run on a Friday so you can share the commitment with two informal dinners.

  1. You’ll get a full day glimpsing into the future, broadening your vision and horizons. You can take a breakfast briefing or a personal development session and have time to take a look at your career and pick up tips from others.
  2. Learn how other companies are working to “Build a Better World” and how you and your company can make a difference.
  3. You’ll be inspired by the research and the seminars by women and for women and if you bring back just one valuable idea, the whole trip will be worth it.
  4. Networking opportunities galore: this is an ideal opportunity to meet industry experts from different disciplines. This is a great resource for you and your company when you need help with a future project, have a position to fill, or just need someone to bounce ideas off. Keep those business cards you collect. They will come in handy.
  5. Renew your commitment to your career. The role models in our keynotes, panels and presentations have been proven to inspire attendees and renew their commitment to their careers. Employee retention is a good thing, it saves on training and recruitment costs.
  6. With panel and workshop sessions you will find a format to inspire you.
  7. This event is open to all women, whatever stage of their career. Men are welcome to attend too.
  8. Through networking and connecting find out how other employers support their women through life’s ups and downs.
  9. It’s great value. Compare WES conference to other conferences and see what you get for your money.
  10. And how can you put a value on an inspired and motivated employee?

Tip: Bring your business card to WES conference

It may be a good idea to bring some printed business cards. Even if you are a student, it is always good to have business cards with you so you can network like a professional. And make sure you visit the WES web space to pick up some handy networking tips before you go.


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