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Projects and Campaigns

Projects and Campaigns

Since 1919 WES has worked to enable women to choose to do work they enjoy and to ensure that women are comfortable with using technology. You can get involved with WES and its campaigns at a national, regional or local level.

WES collaborates with partners across the science, technology, engineering and built environment to demonstrate that women can acheive in so-called non-traditional jobs.

WES has a number of projects that it would like to pursue.

Further details of current projects can be found here. Funding is required to help deliver these projects. Please get in touch if you can help. 

Some of our recent and current campaigns are the 90 for 90 role model campaign Technical Leaders Programme, a safety clothing campaign, Winning Women and the Inspiring Women campaign. We are also providing advice on Engaging with girls and sharing advice down the pipeline with Voices.

WES and its members are also helping to evolve workplace cultures so that women feel supported in the workplace and have:

  • appropriate working conditions, facilities and role models to inspire and support them.
  • the full range of flexible working options are available
  • that equal work is rewarded with equal pay and
  • women are empowered to flourish as technical women and managers at all skill levels.
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