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Wendy Hall

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Professor Dame Wendy Hall, CBE

Awards: FREng


The founding head of the Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia research group in the University of Southampton, Wendy is an outstanding researcher and an inspirational research leader. She has published over 350 academic papers and is currently working to create a new research institute in the emerging field of web science.

Appointed president of the British Computer Society in 2003 (only the second woman to hold this position in the institution’s fifty year history), Wendy seized this opportunity to champion women in technology and help bridge the gender gap, establishing new initiatives and good practice.

Wendy became the first female Senior Vice President of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2005, and in 2006 is bringing the International World Wide Web Conference to the UK for the first time.

Wendy is a great supporter of women in SET and says, "There are amazing opportunities in Science Engineering and Technology disciplines, both in terms of exciting challenges and the feeling that you can really make a difference to the world, being innovative and creative. Never settle for second best. Do what you want to do and aim high."

What is her advice to prospective SET employers? "Create a diverse workforce and an environment in which people from diverse backgrounds will enjoy working. Half of the population are women so, if they are not encouraged to become part of your workforce, you are shutting the door on a lot of highly skilled people and losing out on their input to your research and the products you are manufacturing and marketing. You will benefit from a workforce with a more balanced set of skills and expertise."

Wendy also holds or has held a number of leadership roles and is currently on the UK Prime Minister's Council for Science and Technology.

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