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Wendy Sadler

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Wendy Sadler

Awards: IoP Young Professional Physicist of the Year award 2005; The Award for Promoting Acoustics to the Public 2006; UKRC's Women of Outstanding Achievement 2008


Wendy’s mission is to inspire future generations of scientists and engineers and to promote science and engineering as part of popular culture. She makes SET exciting, with her boundless enthusiasm, energy and humour and has created a vehicle to enthuse audiences all over the world.

After spells promoting science in Australia and for the Institute of Physics in the UK, Wendy has set out to become an inspirational role model for future generations of women in SET by creating an innovative and growing educational company, Science Made Simple, a Cardiff University spin-out company, that delivers science performances, largely in schools.

Her Cardiff-based company addresses challenging teenage audiences and to date, 125,000 young people have participated in the handson shows in the UK, and over 20,000 people overseas. A branch of Science Made Simple has opened in Manchester, to respond to growing demand. A show on the careers of female scientists and engineers has toured schools in Wales and will tour the UK next year.

Following the success of Science Made Simple, Wendy has now raised funds to launch a sister venture, Engineering Explained, which aims to use entertaining presentations to help break the stereotypes ofengineering, both for school children and for the wider public.

Wendy also draws on research findings in the design of the shows, so her approach to science communication is evidence-based (she has conducted research with the Open University on the long term impact of informal science presentations). She has delivered training courses to hundreds of scientists and engineers to equip them with communication skills to enable them to get their research across to a wider audience.

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