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Job advertising on WES website

Job advertising on WES website

Advertising jobs on the WES website is a great way of increasing the chances of getting women to apply for your engineering jobs, which is the first step in increasing the women engineers in your organisation.

Individual jobs can be advertised at the following rates:
Single job advert:   £50 +VAT per month
3 individual jobs:    £100 + VAT per month
10 individual jobs:  £300 + VAT (can be spaced over 1 year)

Companies and their available job titles will also be listed in the monthly WES e-newsletter, with a link to the relevant website url (the jobs descriptions themselves will not be listed here though).  We can also 'tweet' your job to our Twitter followers, please send us the text if you would like to use this service.

Payments for job advertising can be made here. Please indicate that this is the reason for payment when asked.

Guidelines for Submitting Jobs

Please submit the job descriptions in the form of a Word document, and logos in the form of jpegs or gif files by email to Jacqui Hawkes at corporates@wes.org.uk. The information that we will need for each job submitted is as follows:

  • Logo (jpeg or gif file) 
  • Company Name 
  • Job Title 
  • Location 
  • Salary 
  • Term (i.e. permanent, contract, fixed term, etc.) 
  • Closing Date for Application
  • Summary 
  • Main Job Description 
  • Weblink to the actual job on your website 

We will additionally need the following details in order to charge you for the posting: 

  • Date you want us to post the advert 
  • Amount of time you would like us to leave it on our website (in months)

For information about the other sponsorship or advertising opportunities click here.

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